Time to Get Cozy

Time to Get Cozy

How do you take your coffee? Actually, even better, how do you take your hot cocoa?

There’s nothing I love more than hot cocoa on a cold winter night. Yes, my winter is just a “California” winter but hey, it still gets cold. In this post, I’m sharing my favorite way to prepare hot cocoa for myself and others! Just a little twist to really get into that holiday spirit. ALSO, this hot cocoa is perfect for a photo op by the Christmas tree.

First, I’ll gather all of my ingredients.
I heat up my hot cocoa and add a dash of ground cinnamon.
Add your whip cream. (Marshmallows work here too) 
Crush up some candy canes for some festive sprinkles.
Sprinkle those candy cane sprinkles on top and enjoy!


Ashley Jean


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