Ashley Jean’s Packing Checklist

Ashley Jean’s Packing Checklist

Do you ever get that feeling, while traveling, after you’ve left your house that you forgot to pack something?

“I feel like I’m forgetting something…” -Ashley Jean and everyone else on the planet

I’ve been traveling quite a bit these past couple years, whether I’m just traveling a couple hours from home or boarding a plane to another state. With this being the case, I’ve found myself making handwritten checklists for all the trips I’ve been taking. I can definitely be forgetful at times (Beau Amaral knows this) and if I don’t write these things down somewhere, there’s a good chance I’ll forget it! So, I’ve created my very own “Ashley Jean’s Packing Checklist” and have found this to be extremely helpful! Highly recommend this strategy to anyone who likes to/wants to be ORGANIZED. Thanks to my Ashley Jean’s Packing Checklist, I am always prepared and ready for whatever my trip may throw at me!

What I like to do is:

  1. Print out or open on your phone/computer Ashley Jean’s Packing Checklist. (Click on download above)
  2. Pack while following along with the Checklist.
  3. Pack the physical Checklist in your bag or save the PDF.
  4. When coming home form your trip, Re-check your Checklist while re-packing. This way you don’t forget or lose anything on the way home either.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left things behind on trips because I’m so forgetful. BUT NOW, my Packing Checklist saves the day every time. Again, I highly recommend using this Packing Checklist or CREATE YOUR OWN! I found it super helpful and I know you will too.


Ashley Jean


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