HB Corner Market


Good morning, from the corner of 11th St & Acacia Ave here in Huntington Beach, CA. Here you will find the HB Corner Market, a true hidden gem in the heart of Down Town HB residential area. Let me tell you, this amazing spot has so much to offer and more. Not only do they offer specialty food (fresh bread might I add), beer, wine & spirits, but this place is also a full on gift shop. 

You must stop by when in the area, open Tuesday-Sunday from 6am-6pm

HB Corner Market
601 11th St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Upon my first visit, my boyfriend and I discovered a trendy photo op wall right on the side of the HB Corner Market establishment. Art by @kelseymontagueart, with a photo op for your dog even…if you could get them to sit still.



Around the wall, we found a “Specials” chalkboard, listing some of their many delicious entrees. Then entering the small shop, we were greeted by friendly faces welcoming us, along with the aroma of fresh baked bread in the air. I ordered the chorizo breakfast burrito, while my boyfriend got the breakfast croissant and two coffees, of course. After ordering we took a look around their table of a gift shop, this included locally made chapstick, trendy t-shirts, wine trinkets and more. As mention before, a wide selection of beer, wine & spirits were also made available.

We then sat outside, on their mini patio where dogs are allowed and the noise level was so peaceful. Truly a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch on any beautiful day! The food was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to visit this spot again and again and again.


Ashley Jean



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